We apologize for the delay in getting tickets on sale this year. There have been many changes in the works behind the scenes that we had to make sure were settled first in order to assure the same fun weekend our guests have come to expect.

We have previously announced that hotel reservations would be handled through the BBM Ticketing Website. This was being planned to make the reservations and deposit process more seamless for our guests. However, due to recent developments and planned improvements at the hotel, that plan has recently been changed.

Another development is that the Eisenhower Inn and Conference Center was sold at public auction on May 12th to a new hotel management group. The buyers are experienced hoteliers, who are familiar with construction and renovation projects. The buyers plan to convert the three story Aspire Hotel to a Comfort Inn and continue to operate the Eisenhower Hotel as an independent. The new management team took over the middle of July. With very few exceptions, the entire management team has been replaced.

The Bears, Bikers and Mayhem team has been in constant communication with the hotel through this process and earlier this week met with the new owner, the new management team, and Tina, our convention sales person with whom we have always worked. We are thrilled to report that the new team is pleased to have our event return with no changes to our plans and costs. After meeting with them, we believe that we will see very big improvement in customer service and quality at the hotel. We are told that some renovations have already started and a complete renovation of the entire complex is in the planing stages.

The hotel has also started upgrading their booking system and will be handling the room reservations themselves as has been done in the past. While we cannot yet offer online reservations, guests will be required to call the hotel.  They will be taking deposits via credit card. One room night will be charged at the time of the reservation. Cancellations will be accepted up to 30 days prior to the event. The balance of the rooms will be charged to the card on file 30 days prior to the event with no cancellations or refunds.

New this year  – Only those who have purchased run passes will be able to reserve rooms at the host hotel. If run pass holders do not fill the host hotel, any remaining rooms will be released 30 days prior to the event.

Thank you for your patience while we confirmed that our normal fun time would go on without interruption or major changes.


  • On Sunday, August 13th at Noon, run passes will go on sale through
  • On Monday, August 14th at Noon, the hotel will start taking reservations on a first come, first served basis. The phone number and additional details will be listed on your email confirmation when you purchase run passes.
  • The front desk will ask for the order number which is on the Run Pass Purchase acknowledgement that is emailed to you at the time of purchase. Without the order number, you will not be permitted to reserve a room.
  • Only one room reservation is allowed per order number.



Thursday APRIL 5, 2018 Through Sunday APRIL 8, 2018

RESERVATIONS ARE BEING TAKEN BY THE HOTELS FOR 2018 starting on August 14th at Noon
(Hotel information is on the HOTEL page.)

Rooms at the host hotel cannot be booked unless one person in the room is a run pass holder. The host hotel will ask for your ticket order number which will be included in your receipt.

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Bears, Bikers & Mayhem is the first large event in the US to combine the Bear, Leather, Fetish, Motorcycle and Puppy Communities.

Since its inception, BBM has had the singular goal of being an event at which men who enjoy any or all of these communities will feel welcome, meet other likeminded men and, most importantly, have an incredibly fun time. If you are a Bear, you will most definitely find all of the elements of any great bear event. Likewise for Leather men and fetish men – everything you hope to find at any great leather or fetish event is also part of BBM. For many of us, we are a part of several or all of these communities and not just one of them.  The BBM difference is that our fun, food, frivolity & camaraderie also blur the lines between these communities. The Pandemonium Party on  Friday provides an opportunity for the leather and fetish men to welcome the bears to their brand of fun. The Boots to Briefs Party on Saturday is a chance for the bears to show their hospitality. But most of the weekend is a chance for everyone to come together for the common and unifying goal of just simply having a really, really good time and for a good cause.

If you are wondering if you will fit in and have fun at this event, the simple and honest answer is YES! No matter whether you identify with one, all or none of the communities involved, we can almost guarantee that you will have a great time, meet lots of other great men, make new friends and probably consider booking for next year before you leave on Sunday.

Check out the schedule and events page for an idea of the many parties and events that happen throughout the weekend. Or check our facebook page and ask some of our fans why they keep coming back every year.

As always, BBM raises money for HIV/AIDS and other deserving charities in the region through our own non-profit organization. As BBM has grown over the years so has its support within the community. Early years were focused on HIV related causes and support for Black & White Party, Inc., our parent organization. In recent years BBM has expanded its support to include LGBT causes within the Mid-Atlantic region. Check out our beneficiary’s page to see how much our guests and 100% volunteer staff  have contributed to good causes simply by having a good time.



Bears, Bikers & Mayhem, The Capital City Bears, The Pennsmen and Shooting Star Productions are all projects of Black & White Party, Inc., a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit providing financial support to HIV/AIDS, LGBT and other charities in the region.