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Mr. Mayhem Contestant Application


Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear Contestant Application

Everyone who enters the Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear competition not only represents their home bar or club, city, state, region or country but also who they are as a bear, cub, Leatherman or in-between. There is no secret plan or anything to win the Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear, this contest is about being your self and showing everyone who you are as a person.

The winner of Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear Contest is generally a deemed a symbolic representative and spokesman for Shooting Starr Productions, Bears, Bikers and Mayhem, and other bear/leather groups named in this package. It is therefore imperative that his character is seen to be exemplary.

The winner of Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at events that he is attending as Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear but shall not overly consume that he is disrespectful, harmful or show badly to Shooting Starr Productions, Bears, Bikers and Mayhem or any other bear/leather group named in this package.

Enclosed/Attached are several forms which we need you to complete in order to begin your application process. The deadline for the receipt of your Application is March 6, 2017. It is critical that these forms be received at our office no later than the deadline in order for you to compete at 1st annual Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear Contest. Note: ** It is suggested that each contestants plan on being at the hotel on Friday as early as possible. The contests will begin in the afternoon on Friday with a contestant Meeting, then going into Meet the Meat, as well with registration for the event Bears, Bikers and Mayhem.

REGISTRATION FEE: Each Contestant is required to pay a non-refundable $ 20.00 (USD). The registration fee which will be used to help defray administrative and security cost throughout the contest. Payment can be made via money order or cash payment (payable to the Shooting Starr Productions, a project of the Black and White Party, Inc.) and should be paid prior to your arrival to Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear Contest. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.