JUDGES – 2017

(In no particular order)




Head Judge

Ash Duncan – Mr. Mayhem Leather 2016

Ash Duncan

Ash fell in love with his first Leatherman in the 1970’s when he was six years old, but it didn’t work out because of the age difference. joined the DC leather community in 2008. currently serves as Mr. Mayhem Leather 2016, and is Treasurer for Scarlet’s Foundation. ’s DC Eagle Animal Kingdom name is Llama, and his hobbies include scuba diving and erotic hypnosis (not at the same time). lives in Northeast DC with his partner, Tony and their two dogs, Ollie and Smokey.


Kahlid El Bey, Leatherman of Color 2016

Khalid El-Bey

Khalid El Bey, Leatherman of Color 2016, is a full brother of ONYX Mid-Atlantic, serving as the current regional Assistant Pledgemaster, and is a past regional Secretary.  Khalid also serves as a DC Leather Pride board member and is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy.


As a co-producer of The Leatherman of Color(LoC) 2017 Contest, he took a lead role as to extending the contest to a weekend-long event supported by the national and international leather communities, which is a first in it’s 11-year history. The LoC contest now has a new home at the historic DC Eagle as a result of Khalid’s leadership. Only the 8th man to carry the title, Khalid made history during his title year as first Leatherman of Color to making an international appearance (Toronto Leather Pride 2016). His volunteer activities include acting as an outreach specialist with the nonprofit public health organization , HIPS, which specializes in the harm-reduction model and he is a peer-support counselor at Whitman Walker Health which that specializes in HIV/AIDS care for lesbian, gay, and transgender clients.


Khalid identifies as a bear, that has an overabundance of kinks and fetishes. He has either volunteered, presented, or has been a panelist for a number of leather/kink/bdsm/sex positive events along his leather journey. Khalid is happy to be judging the BBM and wishes the contestants the best of luck.


Adam “Pup Vino” Henderson – Mr. Midwest Leather 2015

adam henderson


Adam “Pup Vino” Henderson is the former Mr. Midwest Leather 2015, and 2nd runner up International Mr. Leather 2016. He is also former Imperial Court Puppy 2016 and persistent advocate for all walks of life walking together as one. A Virginia native, Vino moved to Chicago in 2013. A leatherman at heart, he became heavily involved in the pup community. He is a strong enforcer of the possibility of puppy and leather walking hand in hand and will defy anyone who claims otherwise. He is ‪the founder of the Midwest Kink Alliance, a group of titleholders and nontitleholders who are involved in the kink community and sharing events and keeping people informed. Feel free to like the Midwest Kink Alliance Facebook page.

Raymond Smith – Mr. North American Bear, 2016


Raymond Smith is a versatile switch who enjoys burritos, butt grabs, and crafting. He is proud to represent his community as Mr. North American Bear 2016 and enjoyed his time serving as Mr. Kentucky Bourbon Bear 2015. As Mr. North American Bear, Raymond spent his year traveling across the country to various bear, leather, and fundraising events. Raymond has assisted with raising money for Mama’s Children, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The House of Ruth, Moveable Feast, and many more. In September 2016, Raymond was pinned into Mama’s Family as “Mama’s Naked Ginger Bear”. At home, He spends his time blogging on tumblr @SirsSouthernComfort, and cuddling on the couch with his husband of 9 years, Emmett, and an obese lap cat named Nickels. Raymond strives to be open about his life in hopes of making those he comes across feel less alone.He has a passion for body positivity and community service, but most of all, people.


Raymond has recently won the title of Bluegrass Leather Pride Boot Black 2017.

Rich Farias, Mr. New Jersey leather 2017

Mr NJ Leather Rich Farias

Rich Farias is Mr. New Jersey Leather 2017, a biologist, a leather bear, a massive nerd, and a lifelong resident of New Jersey.While he only joined the New Jersey leather community about four years ago, he’s been a kinky [redacted] for far longer; he acquired his first piece of leather gear in 2004, and his first two fetishes in approximately 1983.He and his husband are Sir and Daddy respectively to their two collared boys/pups: Allan (Pup Data), and Kiefer (Pup Beexouu); and the other members of their leather family.

Rich is using his title year to promote youth and community outreach, kink education, and public health through fundraising for the Newark LGBTQ Community Center (http://newarklgbtqcenter.org/), the Carter-Johnson Leather Library (http://www.leatherlibrary.org/), and Project REAL of Asbury Park, NJ (https://www.facebook.com/ProjectRealAP/).

He is honored to be selected as a judge for the fourth Mr. Mayhem and the first Mr. Mayhem Bear contest, and to attend his fourth Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem!

David “Tigger” Bailey – International Mr. Leather 2016

David.tigger. Bailey

David “Tigger” Bailey is proud to serve our diverse communities as your current International Mister Leather 2016. He also has the distinct dual honors of being both the oldest leatherman to earn the IML title and the first from New Jersey where he served as Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016.


A Massachusetts native, Tigger grew up on the east coast and came out in the leather scene in 1984 while attending MIT where he graduated with a degree in Management Science. Tigger slowly migrated west from Boston to New York, New Jersey, Toronto and now home in the DC Metro area where he serves as a board member for DC Leather Pride. Along the way he found 3 amazing men to love unconditionally and build a strong non-traditional family (2 Sirs, 2 boys, and lots of lube).


Tigger shares his polyamorous life openly and empowers others to live in a way that is truly authentic, regardless of boundaries or norms. He is a proud collared Sir to his leather family where public service is valued and encouraged. Tigger relentlessly challenges us all to accept and support the authenticity of every individual in our community without judgment, shame or exclusion. His message of leather, love, service and family has inspired conversation and reexamination of what it means to be a kinky leather person in a time of significant hetero-normative pressure to assimilate and go back into hiding.


Todd Leavitt – Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016

Todd Leavitt

Todd Leavitt, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016.  Todd lives with his immediate leather family — Master Dan Ronneberg, Sir David “Tigger” Bailey, and husband, Randy Gooch–on a secluded 15-acre ranch in Brockway, PA. , the grumpy English bulldog, and Fred, the feisty Chihuahua, round out the family.

Todd has been an active member of the leather scene for over 25 years, having served as a DC Sigma board member (a kink education organization) and as the current co-chair of Mr. Friendly’s DC chapter. He has championed the polyamorous lifestyle within the leather community, specifically in the context of power-exchange relationships.

Besides spending time with his family, Todd enjoys full range of BDSM play, bodybuilding, Netflix binges,   somber superheroes, and Pathfinder role playing game.

Todd views behavior as more important than words in the leather community. Respect, integrity, self-improvement and generosity being key traits to being a genuine leather man.”


Nikki Wireman – Ms. new Jersey Leather 2014


Nikki Wireman, Ms.New Jersey Leather 2014, Americanbrotherhood Class 2015, 2nd runner up. Working within the emergency medical field. Enjoys her down time with drawing and painting. Identifies as Alpha LezBear, rip-roaring Leather Dyke. She bottoms for beer and bacon.


Ms.New Jersey Leather 2014 was on the international judging panel for International Puppy 2015. Locally and beyond she was a judge for Mr.Big Easy Leather 2014 and 2015, Mr. Maryland Leather 2016, Mid        Atlantic Handler and Puppy 2015, and Mr.and Ms. Woods Leather 2015, also North East Pup and Handler 2017.Continuing 3 years after her title year, she continues to work with Wolfstryker Leather helping to raise monies for the Mazzoni Center, in Philadelphia, PA.


Nikki also suffers from PTSD and is a founding member of an All inclusive support group that helps educate those who suffer from, or has a loved one who suffers from this condition.

Mufasa Apa – Mr. Leather Bear International 2016

Pup Mufasa, Mr. Leather Bear International 2016, has been a pup and a Leatherboy since he was with his first partner in high school and was enhanced with his experience as a dog trainer especially with huskies. Mufasa’s name comes from that of his favorite husky who passed his soul to Mufasa upon the dog’s death. When in pup space the proud, playful and protective Mufasa comes out to greet us.

Mufasa is an old school Leatherman with experiences going back to his teenage years. He is an experienced, accomplished and well-respected bootblack and has a great passion for restoring, preserving and maintaining leather gear of all sorts. His knowledge comes from living and doing. He also has a passion for sharing that information by running information workshops and sessions. He is a firm believer in the old Leather adage, “every one, teach one.”

He is a man with a wide and varied background from his two biological daughters to his family of choice. Mufasa is on the board of Leather Bear Productions which is growing events all over the US and beyond. Mufasa is a also member for NLA Dallas and Lone Star Boys of Leather.



Tally Master

Rudy Flesher


Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2016

Rudy Flesher is Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2016 and currently serves the Board of Folsom Street East. He also chairs the political action committee for Pennsylvania’s first openly gay legislator. He juggles his time between performing, politics, philanthropy, and of course, leather! He is also the human companion to an 8 year old rescued pit bull named Sister Patterson Grace.


Den Daddy

Matt Kenney

Daddy Matt Keeney

Matt: Mr. Connecticut Leather 2012 & the current producer of Mr. Connecticut    Leather

Originally from a small town in southern Maine,to Connecticut to be with his husband David.Since moving to Connecticut Mattbeen busy helping to raise funds for various charities such as Hartford Gay and lesbian Health Collective, Leather Archive Museum, True Colors, and the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen.

During his title yearrepresented Connecticut in his travels across the Northeast,           Mid-Atlantic region, Chicago, California and Canada. traveling and at homeintroducing people to leather. people to the possibilities that are available to them is an amazing part of being a mentor and a Daddy.

It is’s core belief that we all touch and move people in our daily lives, with or without knowing it.It is his goal as a leatherman and a mentor, to help others realize the impact that they can make on others and on the leather community

Judges Coordinator

Kevin Michael

Mr. Mayhem Leather 2015


Kevin Michael, Mr. Mayhem Leather 2015, originally from Asbury Park, New Jersey now calls St. Louis home, after packing up his life to move west to take care of his ailing mother.

Kevin has been active in the community supporting such organizations as Mr. Friendly as part of the Team Friendly Jersey Shore, spreading the word about HIV stigma, promoting the message “Poz or Neg, we’re here for you”, as part of the Jersey Shore Prevention Network, promoting HIV testing, as part of the “Be a Hero and get tested” campaign and also supporting causes outside New Jersey with fundraiser in Philadelphia, PA for the Mazonni Center any way he can (shots, raffles, “other”…)

Kevin promotes the philosophy of bringing together all kinds of cultures (bears, leather folk, puppies, kinksters, youth, seasoned vets) to support each other for common goals, be it HIV, stigma, bullying, suicide prevention, shaming.

By holding the title Mr. Mayhem Leather 15′, via the Bears, Bikers and Mayhem weekend in Gettysburg, PA he brings together the bear and leather community to practice what he preaches… Be the change you’d like to see in the world, without seclusion.