Bears, Bikers & Mayhem has always been a fundraiser. Through its relationship with Black & White Party, Inc. Bears, Bikers & Mayhem has provided financial support to the following organizations:

Bears, Bikers & Mayhem has always been a fundraiser. Through its relationship with Black & White Party, Inc. Bears, Bikers & Mayhem has provided financial support to the following organizations:

Alder Health's HIV/AIDS Services and Prevention Program

Family First Health's Caring Together Program

LGBT Community Center of Central PA

GLCCB (Gay & Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore)

C.L.A.W. Nation

Chase Brexton

Leather Heart Foundation

Equality Florida (Pulse Nightclub Victims Fund)

Brother Help Thyself

MADIF (ASL Interpretation)

Project REAL, Asbury Park, NJ

Hagerstown Hopes


Camp LightBulb

Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Project Lazarus (New Orleans)

Belle Reve (New Orleans)

Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival

With the support of our guests and donors, Bears, Bikers & Mayhem donated

$19,850 to our beneficiaries in 2018.  

(As of 8/8/18 there is $2,500 still available to grant to qualified 501(c)3 Organiztions)

Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association (Pennsylvania) - $250

Beauty after Bruises (Mechanicsburg, PA) - $400

North American Bear - $200

Project Lazarus (New Orleans) - $1,000

Belle Reve (New Orleans) - $1,000

Hagerstown Hopes (Hagerstown, MD) - $2,000

Family First Health (York, PA) - $5,000

Camp LightBulb (California) - $3,000

Camp LightBulb (California) - $3,000

International Mr. Leather Bear - $1,500

Chase Brexton LGBT Aging Program (Maryland) - $1,500

Leather Heart Foundation (National) - $1,500

Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival - $500

With the support of our guests and donors, Bears, Bikers & Mayhem donated

$15,750 to our beneficiaries in 2017.

COMMAND, MC - $100

Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association - $250

Camp LightBulb - $2,000

CLAW - $1,500

MCEDSV - $1,000

Family First Health - $5,000

Hagerstown Hopes - $1,000

Chase Brexton LGBT Aging Program - $1,200

Mid-Atlantic Deaf Interpreter Fund - $1,500

Leather Heart Foundation - $1,200

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - $500

With the support of our guests and donors, Bears, Bikers & Mayhem donated

$21,000 to our beneficiaries in 2016.

Equality Florida (Pulse Nightclub Victims Fund) - $2000

Chase Brexton (Sagecap / LGBT Aging) - $2,500


Brother Help Thyself - $2,500


“Brother, Help Thyself” is always very grateful for donations.  Your donation of $2,500.00 from the very generous Bikers, Bears and Mayhem attendees is about to do great work in the LGBT and HIV/AIDS community in the greater Maryland, Baltimore, DC and Virginia area!

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors are already deciding how to have the best impact on start-up and grassroots charities, now, in 2016.  You have provided us funding for grants to local non-profits who would have missed out, without your gift!  You should be proud, because we are all very proud of you.

You can participate in the excitement by attending the Kings Dominion Pride Night at Doswell, Virginia on September 24, 2016.  This amusement park blow out features DJ Rosie (formerly of HIPPO) dance party at the Eiffel Tower and all the roller coasters you can ride from 4:00pm until 1:00am. The whole park will be ALL GAY from 8:30 on!  Yes, a portion of the proceeds will help fund even more Grants through Brother, Help Thyself.

If you want to find out exactly how this year’s Grant Cycle goes, join us for our Grants Reception in January.  Find out who got checks, listen to some live music, and enjoy finger foods with the people from the charities who do the actual work in our community.  This is where the rubber meets the road! Details to follow.

Thank you, again, for your very generous donation!


Thumper Bear Bradley

DC Bear Club Director

Brother, Help Thyself

MADIF (Mid-Atlantic Deaf Interpreters Fund) - $1,000
(Seed money for start-up)

Bears, Bikers and Mayhem (BBM) Donates to MAD-IF

On May 18, 2016, Bears, Bikers and Mayhem (BBM) made a generous donation in the amount of $1000 to the newly formed Mid-Atlantic Deaf & Interpreter Fund (MAD-IF). The latter is a group of dedicated individuals with like minds who have come together to create a fund access for the Interpreting/Deaf/HoH (Hard of Hearing). This fund will take a multi-layered approach to achieving its ultimate goal, which is inclusion for everyone regardless of auditory status.

MAD-IF's overarching goal is to assist both the Deaf and hearing worlds to become more unified by offering ASL classes, grants for student interpreters and encourage those seeking certification. We will offer interpreting services at a discounted or gratis rate to various LGBTQ festivals, businesses, non­profits and their events within the region. To do this, we will be seeking funding through a variety of sources such as obtaining fundraising, grants and scholarship dollars.

“We are grateful for the tremendous support that BBM has offered our fledgling organization," says founder, Kevin Lowery. “The MAD-IF board hopes to serve the needs of the ASL community through generous donations such as this."

Should you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, you may contact Kevin Lowery (202-603-4824) or

Leather Heart Foundation - $2,000

LGBT Community Center of Central PA - $2,000

CLAW - $2,500
(Designated for Rainbow Railroad)

Project REAL - $1,500
(Asbury Park, NJ)


Family First Health (Caring Together Program - HIV Program) - $5,000

With the support of our guests and donors, Bears, Bikers & Mayhem donated

$18,500 to our beneficiaries in 2015.

Chase Brexton (Sagecap / LGBT Aging) - $2,500

Chase Brexton

The LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care was extremely appreciative of your donation last June. The funding helps us to provide LGBTQ individuals and their families with welcoming access to expert health information and resources that enhance wellness and quality of life. Specifically, the money donated was applied to our SAGECAP program. As you know, the SAGECAP program is a partnership between SAGE [Service & Advocacy for GLBT Elders] and the LGBT Health Resource Center. The SAGECAP program works with LGBT older adults and their informal caregiving network. We are proud to be the first organization in Baltimore to work specifically with LGBT older adults. Knowing that many elders in our community do not use the internet, reaching potential participants requires many different avenues of outreach. I am glad to say that the $2,000.00 donated by The Black and White Party Inc. was entirely applied to advertising costs in Baltimore OutLoud and Gay Life newspapers. This was a great opportunity for two reasons. The first is that one of our principal funders does not earmark money for advertising costs, so this was a great chance to supplement that. The second reason is that we were able to take the money that had been donated and keep it in the LGBTQ community by supporting local LGBT business. We felt that this was the way to maximize the impact of the donation. Thank you so much for your continued support of not only our endeavors, but the LGBTQ community as a whole. Nate Sweeney, Executive Director.

GLCCB (LGBT Homeless Youth) - $2,500



Thank you for your generous donation last year to the GLCCB! The center relies on donations every year to help fund our programs and building. Through your donation last year we were able to provide space to the public for our helping hands closet, and non profit organizations to use as well. Your donation also went towards our youth programs, that have been rapidly growing in the Baltimore LGBTQ area. Also, recently our LGBTQ youth chapter established officers, bylaws, regular monthly meetings, and a liaison to the GLCCB Board. We are also expending our youth zone this year at Pride 2016 as well. Every little bit helps us grow.

In this year alone we have filled 13 out of the 15 positions available for board members, are looking for a larger building, and have realigned our center with its community. We look forward to working with you in the future. If there is anything you or your staff needs, please let us know.

Again, thank you for helping the Baltimore LGBTQ community improve!
Richard Wertman
Secretary GLCCB

Leather Heart Foundation - $2,000

Leather Heart FOudnation

Thank you for your contribution of $2,000 to the Leather Heart Foundation! It is the support of individuals and businesses such as you within the greater Leather and Kink communities that allows us to continue, and to grow.

The Leather Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your generous financial donation.

Thank You - From the Bottoms of Our Leathery Hearts!!

Khiki Stills Davis

President/CEO Leather Heart Foundation

LGBT Community Center of Central PA - $2,000

LGBT CC Central PA

Support from Bears, Bikers & Mayhem helped sustain the LGBT Center of Central PA’s programs for LGBT seniors (known as our Aging with Pride Initiative), and enabled us to expand programming for this population across our eight-county region. The donation covered supplies for two monthly meet-ups for LGBT seniors in Harrisburg, as well as new monthly meet-ups in York and Lancaster; as well as the cost of training volunteers who facilitate these new meet-ups in York and Lancaster. The donation also enabled us to host a potluck with LGBT seniors, which was also a focus group to help determine the direction of our seniors programming. One especially noteworthy outcome of the focus group was the desire for more outings and a willingness on the part of volunteers to arrange them. Since this program, four of these new “culture nights” have taken place. - Louie Marven, Executive Director - LGBT Center of Central PA. (717) 920-9534

CLAW - $1,500

Family First Health (Caring Together Program - HIV Program) - $8,000


People who are HIV positive have unique needs and challenges in accessing medical care, case management and other services. Caring Together, a collaborative partnership of Family First Health and

WellSpan Health, provides a seamless system of coordinated, high quality care for people who are HIV positive so they can easily access the services they need. Caring Together is celebrating its 15th year of

serving individuals who are HIV positive in York and Adams counties and we cannot say enough about how appreciative we are for the donation we receive from the Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem event. This

donation allows us to assist clients in ways that our grant funding does not allow. In the past year we were able to help clients with the following needs:

  • Medically necessary dental work they could not afford;

  • Utility reinstatement;

  • Rental assistance for impending evictions;

  • New mattresses because of bedbug infestation;

  • Home repairs to prevent the home from being condemned;

  • Purchase of pill boxes and pocket calendars to remind clients of appointments;

  • Delivery of nutritional supplements to clients who were underweight or were having difficult eating and who could not get the supplement through their insurance;

  • Bus ticket for a client who needed to present in person to obtain his birth certificate;

  • Purchase of medical supplies, such as colostomy bags and a mattress cover, not covered by insurance;

  • Transportation for transplant candidates to visit medical providers not in our area (i.e. Hershey Medical Center and Johns Hopkins) for specialty care;

  • Payment for the casting of a client’s hearing aid, which was not covered by insurance;

  • Assistance with large co-pays or deductibles for hospital visits;

  • Grocery gift cards for food for families in need that do not receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

We could not do any of this without the generous donations from Bears, Bikers, and Mayhem. Each one of the items listed above has enabled a client to have stability in his/her life; with stability, clients are

able to better maintain their medical care, adhere to their medications, and have better health outcomes. Currently 88% of our clients have a suppressed HIV viral load, which means they are healthy

and much less likely to pass HIV on to others. You are part of the team that helps people with HIV in Central PA stay healthy; on behalf of Caring Together staff and clients, thank you.

With the support of our guests and donors, Bears, Bikers & Mayhem donated

$6,000 to our beneficiaries in 2014.

Family First Health (Caring Together Program - HIV Program) - $5,000

CLAW - $500

LGBT Community Center of Central PA - $500

With the support of our guests and donors, Bears, Bikers & Mayhem donated

$3,000 to our beneficiaries in 2013.

Family First Health (Caring Together Program - HIV Program) - $1,500

Alder Health - $1,500

2011 & 2012 Donations were made to the general fund of Black & White Party, Inc. which later made grants to other non-profit organization under it's own name.