Bears, Bikers and Mayhem is an amazing event that bring together people of all walks of life under the banner of a combining like minded interests. It joins the worlds of Leather, Bears, Kink, Queers, and everyone else in between into one magical place where they can enjoy one another’s company without the pre-judgement our world creates.

As such the Mr. Mayhem Leather, and Leather Bear contests are as unique as the people they represent. It’s the goal of the “Mayhems” (as they are collectively known) to prompt the “Mayhem Life” of acceptance and inclusion. As well as prompting the event weekend, and it’s parent organizations.

Being a part of the Mayhem Legacy is subscribing to something greater than yourself. A chance to use an elevated platform to unite people under one common banner, to be a interments of change, a catalyst of Mayhem. Together we can all make a difference, and the Mayhems are the cornerstone of that effort.

If you think you have what it takes to join the ranks of past Mayhems than take the blue pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes!


Current Title Holders

Mr. Mayhem Leather

Scott (Pup Baxster) Hutch

Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear

Jeff Miller