Head Judges


Mr. Mayhem Leather 2018

Pup Baxter is beyond happy to join his Bears Bikers and Mayhem family once again.

From Raleigh NC comes to you this fun leather loving friend to all. Baxter is your current Mr. Mayhem Leather 2018, 1st runner up for International Geared up Leather Puppy 2018 and Southeast Leather Puppy 2016.

With a belief that all of us are only as strong as the bonds we make; Baxter’s message is that we are all family and we must support each other.  As a member of full member of Red Lions, associate member of C.O.M.M.A.N.D, Knight Hawks, Titans of the Midwest and Panthers LLC Baxter has become part of a large family that will always have a special place in his heart.

He would like to thank them all for everything. *muah*

Baxter would like to extend a special thanks to the members of BBM for the honor of assisting in the efforts of finding the next Mr. Mayhem Leather.


Long may you reign Mr. Mayhem!


Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2018

Jeff aka Papa Bear is a Daddy in the streets and a sadist in the sheets.


He has been active in the mid-Atlantic leather/kink scene since early 2016. Jeff prides himself on being affable and approachable in public, but can flip the switch and his expose his sadistic side, unleashing an unrelenting assault of the most groan-worthy puns and dad-jokes in his arsenal.


He flags mainly hunter green, black, yellow, and coral on the left, and light blue on both sides.


During his title year and beyond he is focused on fostering body positivity and increased racial and gender inclusivity in the leather and bear communities.


Above all, he strives daily to exemplify the words of Jason Hall, his late mentor and friend: “Don’t be an asshole.”

Judges Panel


Mr. Pittsburgh Feather Leather 2018

Greg is a former titleholder for Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2018 and a proud member of the IML 41 class.


An avid Leather enthusiast since attending his first leather event, MAL in 2012, he has continued to attend as many Leather events throughout the US as possible.  His next venture he hopes to be a few European events in the very near future.


Greg considers himself very sex positive and a “Power Versatile” as well as a BDSM enthusiast and anything that involves being nude (preferably with many others).  He is a member of Party Naked Pittsburgh, loves going to nude campgrounds and IF clothing has to be worn, his choice would be a jockstrap and harness boots.


Champion and volunteer for homeless and runaway LGBT youth is very personal for him as this is a growing epidemic and one that is too often overlooked within our community.  Greg is currently married to his husband of 33 years and they enjoy a very healthy open relationship.


As he says, “a one night stand that ended up being more than one night”!


His hobbies and interests include competitive tennis, baking and as much time spent at a beach or clothing optional resort as possible.  He is the President and owner of December Diamonds, those oh so sexy Mermen Ornaments.

He is truly honored and excited to have been asked to Judge the MrML & MrMLB 2019 event and is so looking forward to meeting as many attendees as possible.  (wink).



Gerard Turner believes his purpose in life is to close the stereotypical gap of judgement and welcome everyone to tap into accepting themselves unconditionally.


A 25-year cancer survivor and philanthropist; he has worked raising thousands fighting Cancer/HIV and AIDS; 7 years and going, he continues supporting Annual toy drives throughout the LGBTQ+ community to make sure that no one is look left out during the holidays.


His strongest passion, ONYX Code RED, has raised $9200.00 in 4 years and is rapidly growing to be an annual calendar destination in March.


A full brother of ONYX, he has received awards for ONYX-Mid Atlantic Brother of the Year 2016, ONYX Lion Strength Award 2017 and Leather Person of the Year 2017 at Maryland Leather Weekend from C.O.M.M.A.N.D.



Rai Guerra, American Leatherman 2018 and a former Mr. NJ Leather 2018 is a long time resident of Asbury Park. He’s a huge believer in helping his community anytime he gets the chance to. He has successfully integrated his passion for fundraising into a brand of “socially conscious” brands such as “Asbury Infamous Apparel,” that benefits and  brings awareness to Project R.E.A.L, an LGBTQ youth drop in center,  and “Sir Beard and Body,” that supports The Leather Heart Foundation with more brands to come.

As his alter ego, the “infamously outspoken and bold, Christy Girlington, Ms. Gay International 1999, he continues to donate his time and talent to raise funds for any needed benefit all the while shocking his audience with his “colorful” commentary as a hostess and memorable numbers during NJ Leather events such as “What Makes A Man A Man,” where he finishes the number clad in only a jockstrap. Christy Girlington definitely leaves the crowd wanting more.



Alyssa Durnien has had a interesting and storied life as a leatherwoman.

Initially starting her experiences with the community in 2014 as a part of the NJ Leather Family, it wasn’t till she went to the Woods Campground for Leather III, and the Mr. and Ms. Woods Leather Contest did she really find her true home.

Hand picked by Mama Reinhardt as Mama’s Pink Leatherette, (Pink being Alyssa’s favorite color and all) she identifies as a chapstick lesbian.

In 2017, Alyssa competed and won the title of Ms. Woods Leather 2017. During that year she attended leather events all over the Mid-Atlantic region, and worked effortlessly to raise funds for various charities such as the Leather Hearts Foundation, Monroe County Children and Youth Services, as well as The Woods Camp Fund.

She hosted the very successful event at the former Baltimore Eagle called the Ladies of Leather, MCed The Kinky Playground produced by Mid-Atlantic Leatherwoman 2018 — Any Phillips, Bumper — Mid-Atlantic Bootblack 2018, and the every amazing John Urso 2017 International Community Bootblack.

Finally to cap of a year of wonder, she was honored when asked to be a Judge for the 2017 Mr. Maryland Leather contest produced by COMMAND MC, where the one and only Bredan Patrick was selected to wear the Stoll. He later compete at IML40 and place in the TOP 20. So needless to say, this chic knows how to pick’m.

Alyssa, is very happy to be included, in the craziness we call Mayhem at this years Bears Bikers and Mayhem as one of your Judges who will select your next Mr. Mayhem Leather and Leather Bear.



Jeff is the Contestant Coordinator and Den Daddy for International Mr. Leather and was himself IML in 1994 competing as Mr. San Jose Leather. As IML he started “Better Together” a campaign asking us to honor the diversity that creates the richness that is our community. He now lives in the NYC Metro area in Bloomfield, New Jersey where he moved to 7 years ago with his husband/boy after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years. It is here that he has fully expressed his passion through advocacy work for at risk LGBTQ youth.

With his first BDSM experience over 40 years ago Jeff now enjoys a wide range of kink interests some of which he also teaches in workshops. While in California Jeff was a cofounder of the Santa Clara County Leather Association, The Brotherhood San Jose (a gay men’s BDSM education and play group), The Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and several business networking groups. He also created

BDSM Tastings a quarterly workshop series for educating beginners and mentoring advanced players on various BDSM practices. He and his partners have founded In Gear a gay men’s education and play group in Northern New Jersey.

Jeff is in a triad with his hus/boy Steve and Paul, Mr. NJ Leather 2013. He has been in polyamorous relationships of one kind or another for 30 years, and leads discussions on leather families and polyamory to both community organizations and educational institutions.

He says “for me It’s all about authenticity, integrity and humor, oh, and home made peach or apple crisp.”